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We love beer… there’s no point trying to dress it up any other way.  And we want to share with you some of our passion by sharing our selection of very special brews from the cheeky citrus flavours of Scallywag to the golden smoothness of Liquid Gold.

Come on in to our website to find out more about our Liquid Brewery, philosophy and how you can be part of the alchemy that is brewing beer.

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Liquid Range

Our Beers

Sure, you can reduce brewing to a bunch of chemical reactions. We see brewing somewhat differently.

To us, brewing is an art and getting it right is very, very important. How do we know when we’ve got it right?

Well, some things are fundamental to ensuring that Liquid Brewery beers are gorgeous to drink.  To achieve a quality beer we have gone right back to basics by using the very best ingredients: hops from Oregon (more about that later), clear spring water and the best strain of yeast.

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A pint from Liquid Brewery

About Liquid

I suppose you could call us pessimists.... if our glass is half empty we must be doing something right.

We have a deep seated passion for brewing and bring this passion to everything they do; from the range of beers to the desire to make Liquid Brewery a very special business indeed.

Ivor understands the brewing industry and the changes that are happening right now in beer drinking; although still popular, lager is being slowly filtered out to be replaced by a series of specialist beers.

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