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It's all about Liquid.

Beer has been brewed for at least 7,000 years.

It was an important part of life in ancient Egypt and in Ebla, Syria we know that a range of beers were brewed about 2,500 BC including one called ‘Ebla’ after the city itself.

We are very aware of this massive tradition at Liquid Brewery and realise that brewing beer is both a privilege and a responsibility… that’s why we do it and love it so much.

Ivor the Owner has a deep seated passion for brewing and bring this passion to everything they do; from the range of beers to the desire to make Liquid Brewery a very special business indeed.

Ivor understands the brewing industry and the changes that are happening right now in beer drinking; although still popular, lager is being slowly filtered out to be replaced by a series of specialist beers.

Liquid Brewery is at the forefront of this revolution in beer drinking and is ideally placed from both the drinker’s point of view and that of the business person.

About the brewery

Sometimes great things come out of a wrinkly tin shed....

Based in Leith, Edinburgh, Liquid Brewery is set to become one of Edinburgh’s largest microbreweries with a custom built 10 BBL brewery.

We have outgrown our current facility and are in new premises in Leith.

Interested in learning more about our beer or Liquid Brewery? call us now 07402 209 022