Our Beer


We love beer...

Sure, you can reduce brewing to a bunch of chemical reactions. We see brewing somewhat differently.

To us, brewing is an art and getting it right is very, very important.

How do we know when we’ve got it right?

Well, some things are fundamental to ensuring that Liquid Brewery beers are gorgeous to drink.  To achieve a quality beer we have gone right back to basics by using the very best ingredients: hops, clear spring water and the best strain of yeast.


Finally we have a very clear understanding of what we want to achieve.

The smell has to be distinctive but not harsh… we have to be able to distinguish our beers from the aroma but never be over powered by it.

Then there’s the taste.  Depending on the type of beer we’re brewing the taste might be crisp and citrus or warm and heart-warming.  Whatever it is, we very much enjoy the tasting process… just to be sure it’s fit for you to drink.

Our Range

  • Infinity IPA


    Infinity IPA was put on this Earth to do one thing: refresh the thirsty.

    This full bodied IPA delivers a fruity aroma with hints of pine. Infinity IPA is bitter sweet and full of flavour.


    We are currently working on this secret brew and will launched shortly.

  • Scallywag


    As the name suggests this loveable rogue beer is hopped with citrus aroma hops.

    This gives the golden beer it’s addictive attitude taste. Perfect session beer ….


    We are currently working on this secret brew and will launched shortly.

  • Thistledhu


    A brewed variation of a classic red ale with various hops that gives this beer it’s character. With a name like Thistledhu we had to add a few scottish additions.

  • Liquid Gold


    Liquid Gold is a beautiful rich blonde beer that soothes as it glides effortlessly over the palate. It really is like drinking liquid gold. 

    This Blonde beer is aroma hopped this citra and a few other citrus ingredients which gives this beer it’s clean sharp taste.


Interested in knowing more about the brewery...

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